Lift Simulation…

  • Performs simulation of your lift while monitoring the crane’s capacity.
  • Change boom angle, jib length and offset, load location, and lift radius and 3D Lift Plan will automatically update your chart.
  • Allows you to view the load chart to see the capacity at various boom lengths and radii.
  • Automatically calculates Crawler Loads and Outrigger Loads, as well as ground bearing pressure below crane mats.

Crane Selection…

  • Searches your entire fleet of cranes in seconds.
  • Displays the most economical crane configurations that can handle your lift at the top of the results list, allowing you to save time sifting though charts or a long list of possible choices.
  • Accounts for any obstruction in your jobsite whether it’s to the side, front, rear or above the crane.
  • Provides several filter options so you can search only the cranes and configurations you choose.

3D Graphics…

  • Highly accurate graphics are in true 3D, allowing you to view the lift plan from any angle.
  • Easy to create detailed 3D jobsites and rigging designs.
  • Change ground and sky colors.
  • Import CAD drawings, Google Earth images, or any picture to accurately depict your lift.
  • Edit your jobsites in a two-dimensional drag-and-drop environment allowing you to create more complicated lift plans in less time.

Powerful Features…

  • Multiple Crane Lifts
  • Ground Bearing Pressure
  • Crane Mat Calculator
  • Critical Lift Worksheet
  • CAD Export
  • Advanced Rigging Designs
  • Multiple Parts of Line
  • Sling Tension and Dimension Calculator
  • Calculate the area needed to assemble the Crane
  • Advanced Crane Selection
  • Display images on your jobsite